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Saturday 5 January 2019

Crocal - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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Crocal is a super user-friendly, yet super powerful multi-purpose WordPress theme. Its philosophy, in the backend as well as in the front-end, allows users to design sites which lead to awesomeness and nothing less. The plethora of options offered permit to design, any kind of website, whether it is a general or a specific-purpose, corporations, e-shops, agencies, freelancers, designers, bloggers or whichever is your need.

Just imagine your ideal website and Crocal will do the work for you. Whether you are a simple user or an advanced one, your result will come up effortless and in no time. Not in the mood to design? No worries, no coding or design skills required. Crocal gives you the solution with the amazing Import on Demand and its pre-made designs.

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Check Live Preview >>


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